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Subscribe V.I.P Membership And Diamond Membership ( Prices listed )

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Welcome Cracking VIP Members


Please Subscribe as Diamond member for support forum to live long 


What you will get if you Subscribe....


We all know your Expectations and your satisfaction. We are ready to fulfill your needs. We are ready to help you at any cost. We are the one to reach high to your expectations. Won't you donate us to keep always up the forum and don't want the downtime to your enjoyment fulfillment ? 

We made this Forum for you and making these sections to keep cracked accounts alive for long time, keep some good private stuff rather share it on public. We are accepting donations for made our forum for active and as much as fast.

Please find the below subscription details and select whatever you want :

Diamond Membership:

  • One Month diamond membership :      15$
  • Two Month Diamond Membership:       25$
  • Three Months  Diamond Subscription: 35$
  • One Year Diamond Subscription:         95$
  • Lifetime Diamond Subscription:            200$ (Limited)
  • Don't PM me for negotiations all the above are best and final :) 

Want to buy the Subscriptions as listed above, then add us in skype 

Skype : crackingmaster

Or Send PM - crackingmaster for payment details.

The way you have to send a mail to pay the donation is like:

  • Tell what kind of Membership you needed "Diamond Membership"
  • Tell the validity months you need to subscribe with us
  • Payment gateways : Bitcoin, Skrill

We Accept the Payment gateways:


Diamond Membership will get the below FEATURES:

  • Diamond'S Members Forum:

          Diamond members can access to the Diamond MEMBERS ZONE. Can have your own private stuffs other than the normal members.

  • Username Change:

          The moment you become Diamond, You will have the access to keep your own desired Username and can change Thrice till your subscription gets over.

  • User Title Change:

          The moment you become Diamond, you can change the User Title as much as you want till your Subscriptions gets over and can keep the User title different from normal members.

  • Name And Badge:

          You will be moved to SOLITAIRE SECTION Diamond Member  and will get a badge which indicates to huge currency, A shiny badge.

  • Posts Stuffs:

The Posts which will be posted by our staffs will make sure the accounts and configs are totally different from VIP /  Cracking section. It will be a high quality and a private made which will be exclusive only for Diamond Members.


ACCEPTING Payment Gateways:




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